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Man with a knife robbed the bank, the Beijing police captured wi

Man with a knife robbed the bank, the Beijing police captured within 5 minutes
People Beijing, May 16 (reporter Zhao Yanhong) money to spend even want to go rob a bank, the result of money not hand was caught by the police is. Today, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau informed that the Haidian Police rapid response, the Thunder attack, the bank robbery the suspect had cracked five minutes. The evening of 15 21 40, Haidian District, Beijing Aerospace bridge the northeastern part of the Everbright Bank, Fucheng Road, branch office robbery. A man wearing a white cap Everbright Bank glass door smashed with a hammer, a knife into the office area For robbery. Security guards monitor the discovery of this situation, immediately call 110 phone. The police quickly deployed police to the scene less than two minutes, SWAT,pandora charms, patrol, police station,chamilia charms, police have arrived on the scene. "Freeze the people inside, police raised their hands and come out." The police to the bank office, yelling at the rest of the police force had laid an ambush in an office building and the surrounding area. Two minutes later, the suspects hands in the air out of the bank office, the police quickly to the control. , The whole process took only five minutes from alarm to criminal suspects were arrested. Subsequently, in the stairs of the office area, the police found the suspect dropped a black backpack, which has a knife, hammer, drill bits and other tools of crime. Upon review, the suspects, surnamed Jia, 24 years old, Hebei, day of the incident came to Beijing. Jiamou explain that to come to Beijing money, so think of the robbery. At present, suspects Jiamou has Haidian police criminal detention,chamilia.com, the case is still pending further.
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Fujian cruel man for 20,000 yuan of money to sell unweaned son

Fujian cruel man for 20,000 yuan of money to sell unweaned son
To sell his son Hu Moudong South - Strait Herald, May 24 as much as such a cruel father, only six months old son sold to others! After the night looking for, at noon yesterday, the front of the temple police in Xiangan police the support, will eventually be sold 14 hours-old boy recovered, Humou and Lee, who also arrested suspected of trafficking in children. Hair cut hair son was not there anymore, "My son may be his father to sell!" Around midnight yesterday, a alarm call to break the quiet of the front of the temple police station. Phone, the woman sound of the alarm is extremely anxious. The woman claiming to be from Zhangpu driven down, at Village on the downstairs of a small hostel. The front of the temple police station alarm rushed to the scene, "the young mother stand in the downstairs of the hostel, very helpless, police introduced. Alarm woman surnamed Hung, who lives in Zhangpu, with husband HuMou (de facto marriage, did not obtain a marriage license) a six-month old son. 22 noon, she went out a haircut soon, Humou on holding his son out the door, said to "go shopping" Hong said. Waiting for her haircut home, Humou and son did not return. Until around 20:00, the flood could not bear to Humou called. "He actually said has left Zhangpu!" Hong said. 20,pandora,000 dollars a father cruel to sell his son on the phone, Humou language is very confusing, one would say in Guangzhou, one would say in Xiamen Tongan. Hung feel wrong, all sorts of begging last the Humou had said in a small hostel on the Walled. Anxious Hung immediately pack the car, and his brother the night came to Xiamen. Shortly after midnight, a small flood in the Walled the ICBC door to see a Humou Humou have waited there. "My son?" Small flood a meeting and asked. Humou has evaded my question: "In a friend, good, now too late to take you tomorrow." Hung feel things fraud, lied the way through the night very hungry to keep his brother to go to something to eat. Downstairs in the hostel, she called the police. Alarm, the police soon found in the hostels within the Humou. Humou confessed that his son was sold for two million. Night looking for the police to quickly solve the case Humou said to sell one of his fellow, Lee. Specific locations is not clear, just remember to sit through a tunnel of 750. "The Humou said. Police the night to bring Humou way to find. Humou does not recognize the road, a stranger in Xiamen,charms pandora, after Xiangan tunnel, the police with Humou a one rented room to find the past, and finally found in a rented room on the 6th Hung before the end of Silesia a baby boy. At that time, only Lee wife at home, according to the account of Lee in the vicinity of a school greening. Subsequently, the front of the temple police,trollbeads, in Xiangan police, supported by, the success arrested Lee. According to reports, Humou and Lee are villagers in Guizhou. 22 noon, Lee went to Zhangpu find Humou showing would like to adopt a child the idea of ​​a child, the idea hit it off with Humou. Immediately, the two agreed price of 20,000 yuan. The police find Humou, two million still Humou pocket, did not move.
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